You have the power to help shape our future.

The future of health care and your hospital is significantly affected by decisions made by elected officials. By making a contribution to the Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC and/or Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit, you help elect candidates who understand the role of hospitals in their communities.

What are the Wisconsin Hospitals PAC & Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit?

The Wisconsin Hospitals Political Action Committee (PAC) and the Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit are vehicles administered by the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) through which individuals who care about their hospitals and the patients they serve can contribute to candidates who understand their mission.

Why should I contribute?

Contributing to the Wisconsin Hospitals PAC and/or Wisconsin Hospitals Conduit can help elect individuals who understand the role of hospitals in providing vital care to all patients across Wisconsin.

  • Knowledgeable officials helps drive positive health care policy in Wisconsin and contributions from civic-minded and knowledgeable citizens like you help them run an issues-oriented campaign and get their message to the voters.
  • Everyone’s contribution, big or small, is important.
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